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Genesys 2640 is a liquid corrosion and scale inhibitor designed for open re-circulatory cooling water system using soft to moderately hard water as make up. It provides both cathodic and anodic corrosion inhibition. Water treated with Genesys 2640 can be discharged into the effluent without any pollution problems.





When used along with stabilizing antifoulants like Genesys 6620, Genesys 6770 etc. it affords complete protection over corrosion, scaling and non- biological fouling in cooling water systems. It is effective over a wide alkaline pH range and is also suitable for systems with high holding time. 









Genesys 2640 provides cathodic and anodic corrosion inhibition by forming complex protective films on the metal surface. Normally water with moderate alkalinity does not require much pH control. However, for optimum benefit it is recommended that the pH is maintained below 8.5. The proper dose level depends on factors like corrosion and fouling potential, temperatures, water characteristics and other system specifics.


Genesys 2640 must be fed continuously to ensure that the recommended levels of residuals are maintained at all times. The product should be fed neat from the container through equipment using non-corrosive components like PP, PE, PVC or Teflon.


Our field experts will help you design a suitable dosing arrangement for your system.




• Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin.

• Do not take internally.

• In case of contact with eyes, flush with ample water and get prompt medical attention.

• Gloves and goggles should be used where appropriate.

• Genesys 2640 containers should be stored airtight under shade and away from direct sunlight.




Genesys 2640 is available in 30 / 50 kg HDPE carboys / drums




Appearance         :                Clear colorless to pale yellow liquid

Wt/ml (@ 30oC) :                 1.35 to 1.40

pH (as is)            :                  Acidic <3

Solubility            :                 Soluble in water


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