Genesys 6622







Genesys 6622 is an all-organic blend of low molecular weight function specific polymers. Genesys 6622 enables dispersion of insoluble particulate matter like clay, mud, silt, inorganic salts and iron oxide and helps keep heat transfer surfaces clean. It is an excellent crystal distorter. It also helps to disperse Silica. It also prevents orthophosphate precipitation, reconditions it and affords synergistic corrosion control. It permits higher level of hardness salts in circulation permitting operation of the system at high cycles of concentration. It is effective over a wide pH range.



The product is also extremely effective for high temperature applications. Water treated with Genesys 6622 is safe to discharge in effluent. 









Genesys 6622 also exhibits the ability to remove existing scales and prevent silicate deposition. It possesses strong dispersing property whereby deposition of particulate matter is prevented.


Genesys 6622 enables operation at high retention or holding time. It has excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability over a wide pH range.


The effective dose levels depend upon factors like water characteristics, fouling potential and other inhibitors used and system specifics.


Our representative will help you select the optimum dosage for your system. Genesys 6622 must be dosed continuously to ensure that recommended levels of residuals are maintained at all times. The product should be fed neat from the container through suitable dosing equipment. Our field experts will help you in arranging suitable dosing for your system.




• Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin.

• Do not take internally.

 In case of contact with eyes, flush with ample water and get prompt medical attention.

 Gloves and goggles should be used where appropriate.




Genesys 6622 is packaged in 30 / 50 kg HDPE carboys / 210 kg HDPE barrels.




Appearance       :                         Colourless to pale yellow liquid

pH (1 %)            :                         2 – 4

Solubility           :                         Soluble in water

Specific Gravity:                         1.05 – 1.15


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